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How I Can Help You

Reconceive is a Sydney-based sex and fertility education service for groups, couples and individuals founded by Monica Cook. It is designed for everyday people who want access to honest, clear, current and practical information to enhance their sexual relationships. This service holistically considers the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of these topics.

Finding relevant and accurate information in this space is challenging due to the personal and private nature of these topics.  It takes time and requires a level of expertise to translate the information into something that applies to your own unique situation or culture and aligns with your values.

Reconceive does the work for you. Gathering from a broad range of scientific disciplines, resources, strategies, approaches and techniques, sex and fertility information is presented in a way that is sensitive, accessible and applicable. Complex concepts are transformed into practical ones that empower anyone to make informed decisions and make beneficial changes in the realm of sex and fertility. 

Services offered include:

  • Couples workshops

  • Seminars on female sexual wellness, sex after kids, natural fertility and the church and sex. 

  • Couples sex/fertility counselling

  • Individual sex/fertility counselling

Monica Cook

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Monica is a sex and fertility educator and speaker with many years of experience presenting to a range of audiences including couples, parents, students, doctors and church congregations.


Holding a Masters of Sexual and Reproductive Health (Psychosexual Therapy)* and with qualifications in medical research [PhB Medical Science] and health education [Grad Dip Sci Comm], Monica is well placed to provide effective counselling and to translate the most current information on these topics into practical concepts that enhance sexual wellness and help couples manage their fertility. 

In 2018 Monica was offered a position as a Senior Research Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries. It was here she had the unique opportunity to design a sex and fertility program built on theological principles for the Church. 

She also works for CatholicCare educating engaged couples, is a regular speaker for Family Planning NSW, a subcommittee board member for the Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (AIRRM) and manages the Christian Society for Sexual Wellbeing (CSSW).

She is ACNFP [Australian Council for Natural Family Planning] accredited and a member of the Society for Australian Sexologists (SAS).

*Masters acquired through University of Sydney, Australia

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