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Embodied Processing session

Increase your capacity to contain difficult emotions and begin a process of healing trauma

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 330 Australian dollars
  • Telehealth or in-person

Service Description

Through Embodied Processing, clients are able to grow in their capacity to meet pain and uncomfortable emotions in such a way that the nervous system is able to move from fight/flight/flop to a place of ‘safety’ to ultimately start the healing process. Many people find themselves emotionally dysregulated and often disconnected from their bodies in the space of sexuality often due to overwhelming and unprocessed emotions from past experiences. This may manifest sexually in a number of ways including: numbness, dissociation, challenges holding a boundary, emotional overwhelm (before, during or after sex), hypervigilance, anger or an overwhelming desire to flee. It’s in working with the body to increase one’s capacity to face these emotions that healing can occur releasing people to be move past living in auto-pilot (doing what they know they don’t want to be doing) to living with a new-found sense of freedom and the capacity to choose their response. The process itself involves gentle, compassionate and mindful attention on thoughts, emotions, visual imagery and most importantly bodily sensations to uncover psychic structures and somatic wounds that may have been repressed so a to allow them to ‘return home’ and be integrated into the whole in a healthy way.

Contact Details

572 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby NSW, Australia

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