Reviews from clients...
  • "I cannot recommend Monica highly enough and have already suggested her to many friends and family. Monica always made me feel very comfortable and never showed any signs of surprise or judgement with any topic we discussed."

  • "I have seen several psychologists and have never felt more listened to without any sense of judgement than I have with Monica. I felt completely free to ask any question or speak about any topic."

  • "Monica helped me to navigate my feelings as well as rekindle my marriage and enjoy my sex life. My husband and I have also become really good at communication."

  • "I was very thankful for Monica's helpful questions and guidance throughout the sessions, as  I often didn't even know where to start, but with her help, we got to the core of a lot of issues."

  • "I found Monica to be a great listener, warm and able to give me practical advice. Monica also went to the extra effort of sending me information we discussed and connecting me with specialists. Thank-you Monica. You have given us hope"

  • "Monica is a great listener and has a vast knowledge on sex. She touched on areas I did not expect were a factor to the problems I was having and I'm grateful to her for that.


  • "I am thankful for her knowledge and expertise, and felt very cared for. After our sessions I feel as though I am better equipped with practical as well as emotional and spiritual strategies moving forward."

  • "Monica has a lovely way of being professional whilst also very warm and personable, which makes it feel less clinical and made me really feel at ease"

  • "I found the sessions with Monica helpful in drawing together a whole host of issues that I hadn't even realised were connected."

Feedback from Educational Sessions:










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