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Monica is a qualified Sydney-based sex therapist and counsellor holding a Masters of Sexual and Reproductive Health (Psychosexual Therapy) with additional qualifications in health education and medical research*. She has also had many years of experience delivering sex and fertility education to a range of audiences.


Monica is passionate about  providing honest,  clear, current and practical information to foster sexual and reproductive wellness for individuals and couples of all ages, including those from a multicultural or diverse faith background.


She gathers from a broad range of scientific disciplines, resources, strategies, approaches and techniques to provide sex counselling and education that is sensitive and transformative. Her approach is a holistic one that considers the physical, psychological, relational and spiritual dimensions of these topics providing a safe space for clients to explore their sexuality knowing that their values will be respected and acknowledged.


In the sex/fertility education realm, she recognises the challenges around accessing relevant, accurate and clear information. In light of this, Monica aims to translate evidence-based scientific concepts into practical ones that empower anyone to make informed decisions and beneficial changes in the realm of sex and fertility.

Services offered include:

  • Individual sex counselling
  • Couples sex counselling
  • Fertility Awareness Education session (including learning to chart menstrual cycles)
  • Seminars/courses on female sexual wellness, sex after kids, natural fertility and the church and sex.


*Qualifications are through the University of Sydney [MScMed(SRH)] & Australian National University [PhB Medical Science & Grad Dip Sci Comm].

Monica Cook

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Monica is a qualified sexologist and educator who currently works at the Australian Centre for Sexual Health and The Mindspace.

She specialises in helping both individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties and uses a range of relationship counselling approaches (eg. Emotions Focused Therapy, Relational Life Therapy), psychotherapy techniques, take-home exercises and education to help people address their concerns. (Please note: No physical examination or hands-on therapy is provided in these sessions).

Common sexual difficulties she addresses include:

  • Painful sex

  • Sex after kids

  • Sex after menopause

  • Fertility issues impacting on sexual function*

  • Communication challenges

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature or delayed ejaculation

  • Mismatched libidos

  • Low libido

  • Difficulties with arousal or orgasm

  • Sexual boredom

  • Issues relating to the interaction between faith and sexuality

*Training relating to learning the sympto-thermal method (natural fertility) and understanding menstrual cycles can also be provided on request.

She has also had many years of experience in education presenting to a range of audiences including couples, parents, students, doctors and church congregations.

In 2018 Monica was offered a position as a Senior Research Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries. It was here she had the unique opportunity to design a sex and fertility program built on theological principles for the Church. 

She has also worked for CatholicCare educating engaged couples, is a regular speaker for Family Planning NSW, a subcommittee board member for the Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (AIRRM) and manages the Christian Society for Sexual Wellbeing (CSSW).

She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and Society for Australian Sexologists (SAS).

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